I was extremely proud to be invited to be the Chairman of the British Film Designers Guild, for a two year term 2016 ~ 2017, following in the footsteps of many acclaimed Production Designers.

The society of British Film Directors and Designers was founded in 1946, for the betterment of Design in British Films. Out of this society grew the Guild of Film Art Directors, and the present British Film Designers Guild, who now include in their membership all the various branches of the Art Department.

A Guild is an organization of persons, from the same trade, merchants or artisans with related interest and goals, organized to maintain standards and protect the interests of its members

Which is pretty cool, but the continuation of a Guild can only be assured with the encouragement of new and younger members.

This is something I believe the Guild is slowly achieving, shaking off the image that it was once made up from an old boy’s network, which if you look at the web site, you can clearly see it is not now.

Encouraging and guiding the new and young members into our industry is something I feel very strongly about, pointing them in the right direction and passing on advice. 

This is where the Guild comes in, with it’s wealth of knowledge and cross section of members. 

Our membership covers a diverse range of skills and experience. Spanning project budgets for International, Independent and micro budget productions. Feature films, Shorts, Pilots, Promos, Commercials, Television Film, Series and Light Entertainment; we work across the board.

I would encourage members to use the new website to update and promote themselves, additionally the Guild Facebook page, used as a social network is a great way of self promotion & networking. Which is part of our existence and often the way we find out about new jobs.

The Guild also have - Weekly News Update – For Members Availability & News - Screening at Pinewood - Work alerts – Rumour Mill – Portfolio Evenings – Design Q&A evenings – Summer BBQ and the annual Awards Dinner & Dance.

Peter Walpole. BFDG 2018

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